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Honouring Tradition: A Millennium of Excellence

Our journey pays homage to a millennium-old tradition of winemaking on this sacred land.

We have carved our path following in the footsteps of those who came before us, creating an authentic retro wine made in the traditional style of the past. While modern experiments often prioritise commercial demands, our commitment focuses on achieving the highest expression of the grapes through meticulous vineyard care.

We embrace the timeless struggle of those who understand they cannot bend nature to their needs without compromising its authentic essence and character.

Rooted in the Land:
our distinctive Trademark

At the heart of our story lies the land itself, a unique territory that defines our very essence. We have embarked on a journey to revive vineyards with a rich history dating back to the 1950s. Nestled amidst lush forests, these vineyards thrive on soil originated from the gradual erosion of bedrock, enriched with a remarkable concentration of limestone.

A Symphony of Nature:
our ideal Microclimate

The nearby Montalbano hills provide a soothing effect on the nights, while the majestic Apennine Mountains in front bring refreshing coolness during the scorching summer months. This divine alchemy creates an ideal microclimate and allows the natural fertility of the land to thrive.

Harmony in Every Row: a Natural Approach

Our commitment to the environment stands firm. Wild herbs flourish along the edges, while small fields are interspersed with a vibrant array of plants, nurturing biodiversity and attracting beneficial insects.

Fruit trees, thoughtfully and strategically planted among the vines, provide nourishment and refuge for the avian inhabitants of our vineyards. These feathered allies, while enhancing the picturesque scenery, play an invaluable role in keeping insect populations in check, further contributing to our enduring pledge to sustainable and chemical-free practices.